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Benefits of CMMS Software

The benefits of CMMS software go well beyond facility and equipment management

Simple Work Order Requests

Submit work orders, assign assets and documents, track maintenance requests and seamlessly get requests in and status updates in real time, straight from your desktop.

Preventive Maintenance

Maximize the longevity of assets, store information such as ID tags, O&M manuals, and warranty info, schedule both calendar-based and meter-based preventive maintenance tasks, and more.

Asset and Equipment Management

Hippo’s maintenance management software allows easy access to documentation, such as images, video files, manuals and allows users to locate equipment on floor plans and maps instantly.

Inventory Management

Associate parts with equipment, store information such as part numbers, minimum and maximum thresholds, storage location, and more in our detailed database.

Hippo Mobile

Our maintenance management software is ideal for virtually any facility – large or small - from hospitals and resorts to malls and municipal facilities, CMMS is revolutionizing how organizations are managed.
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Industries Served

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