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7 Facility Management Challenges You Can Solve with EAM Software


  • Smarter asset maintenance and tracking streamlines maintenance management operations
  • To choose an EAM software with features that align with your facility’s specific maintenance management challenges

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Staying operational 24/7
Chapter 2
Deferred maintenance
Chapter 3
Health and safety concerns
Chapter 4
Regulatory compliance
Chapter 5
Improved sustainability
Chapter 6
Vendor management
Chapter 7
Budget constraints

Get the most out of your equipment

Learn how to streamline maintenance operations, get more from your assets, and cut costs with the right EAM software.

Greater visibility

Have quick access to all the essential information about your assets.


Improved mobility

Bring together your team no matter where they're working, and from any type of device.


Robust reporting

Know where to focus your attention, and have the insights to make smarter decisions.

96% of colleges and universities are updating their processes to become more efficient following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tackle your biggest assignments


25% increase in costs

for deferred maintenance at colleges and universities between 2007 and 2021.


25% revenue loss

among higher education institutions for the 2020-21 school year.

66% reports of anxiety

among school-age children in regards to going back to school.

7 Facility Management Challenges You Can Solve with EAM Software

Whether you’re managing a school, college, university, trade school, or any other learning institution, you need to get the most out of your equipment. Learn how.